How to make a light follower robot without arduino


Hello all, In this article, i am going to guide you how to make a light following robot without arduino. When you google to make a robotic project, most of the tutorials can be referred to make a robot with the help of arduino. But i planned to make a robot without the help of arduino. I have given the circuit diagram and the procedure which i followed to make the light following robot. I used LDR sensor to detect the presence of light around the surrounding.  The output from the LDR sensor is feeded to the IN2 and IN4 of the motor drive. You can get the complete idea from the circuit diagram. If you have any doubts regards the project, feel free to comment below.

Materials Required:-

  1. Motor drive board
  2. LDR sensor
  3. robo mini chassis
  4. castor wheel
  5. BO motor
  6. BO motor wheel
  7. connecting tags
  8.  Battery (+9v)

Circuit Diagram:-

I have drawn the circuit diagram how to construct the hardware above. You have to assemble the circuit into a robot.

Components I used:-

Chassis model

Motor Drive Board

LDR Sensor

BO Motor

Castor Wheel


Battery cap

Basic Hardware construction

Initially I have Tied all the components in the chassis with the connecting tags. I recommend to use screws.

Connect the vcc and ground of the sensor module to +5v and GND present on the motor drive

connect the input from the sensor to the IN2 and IN4 of the motor drive and construct as per the circuit

Connect the +9v battery to power up the hardware

Result and observation:-

Switch ON the hardware. show the light in front of the sensor. The robo starts move forward.

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