Wireless mobile charger DIY at home easily- wireless electricity transfer

how to make Wireless Mobile Charger DIY at home Easily.  Wireless mobile is a good way to learn how to work mutual induction. and how to transfer electricity from one coil to another coil. wireless charger concept is very easy to understand. read carefully to understand the concept and working of the wireless charger. It could be the best electronic projects for schools students and definitely, they are going to learn things. wireless electricity transfer science projects for school students can make other projects also on this concept. we have more school projects you must visit to dc motor concept projects also.
In this wireless charger electricity transfer from a primary coil to secondary coil by mutual induction. we use many components. as we shown below.


Wireless mobile charger DIY at home easily

Components Required to make Wireless mobile charger:-

  • L.E.D
  • 9v or 12v POWER SUPPLY
 Circuit Diagram of Wireless mobile phone charger
Circuit Diagram of Wireless mobile phone charger
1. L.E.D
How to works LED

Light emitting diode works on giving electric supply.it’s having two terminal the bigger one is positive and smaller one is negative. made by semiconductor material which. when we give power supply to LED the electrons jump from valence band to conduction band and return to their first stage and radiate in the visible spectrum of light.

IRF840 MOSFET is a three-terminal electronic component which is used in many devices. for more information about the MOSFET, we give you IRF840 datasheet in pdf format. you can easily download the datasheet from the link.

3. Copper Wire for wireless charger 
 We Need two different thickness copper wires. one for primary coil and another for secondary coil.
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Primary Coil 
for primary coil, we need thin copper wire and make a coil of 40 turns of copper wire. with the centre terminal, you can see the primary coil in image

Copper Wire for wireless charger

Secondary Coil :-
in the secondary coil, you make 30 turns with two terminal for a better result as you can see in the image

Construction of wireless charger:-
  • Connect LED with the Secondary coil as u can see in the above picture.
  • Connect IRF840 MOSFET with power supply and primary coil as show in below image
  • Put primary coil and circuit into a cardboard
Wireless mobile charger working:-
In wireless mobile charger having two copper coil with some electronic components. with primary coil IRF840 MOSFET connected with the power supply. it starts the flow of current in the primary coil which make a magnetic field and due to this magnetic field, the current induced in the secondary coil which is near at the primary coil.
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