What is an Embedded system

Wanna control electronics? Welcome to the embedded world. So the first question is What is an Embedded System.? Embedded system is a combination of Hardware and software. we combine the software or language with the hardware part of electronics. In the embedded system we design electronic for a specific function and then write a program to control it as we want.

for example:-  I need to make an automatic door lock and open system. when the system detects any person in front of the gate then it gets open automatically and when the person comes inside or outside, the gate closes automatically. so first we have to design hardware for it. and then we have to write the program needed to the system. so this combination of the system is called an embedded system.

Embedded System is Used in many areas like industrial automation,  Home automation, IOT, Automobile, Electrical and electronic appliances, Robotics, Mobile phones, Computers, Laptops, TV, Smart City, Smart Homes, etc. So, where we need to control things according to our instructions automatically we need some specific hardware and software to control it and this is called the Embedded system.

The main Components of an Embedded System?


Microcontroller and Microprocessor:-

Microcontroller Have microsecond execution time that’s why it is called the microcontroller. there are a lot of microcontrollers in the market with their some advantage and disadvantages. microcontroller having some pins which are required to connect any peripheral externally. you can do many things with the microcontrollers. you can control things. you can get input from the sensors and any other input device. you can send any data through the microcontroller as an output device.

there is some task which you have to learn in the embedded system:- for a beginner(tasks for a beginner in an embedded system).

  • LED blinking
  • LED pattern
  • Push button interfacing
  • 16X2 LCD interfacing
  • IR Sensor interfacing
  • Ultrasonic sensor interfacing
  • PIR sensor interfacing
  • flex sensor interfacing
  • Accelerometer Interfacing
  • DC motor interfacing
  • Servo motor interfacing
  • Stepper motor interfacing
  • Bluetooth interfacing
  • GSM interfacing
  • GPS interfacing
  • Wifi interfacing
  • I2C Protocol
  • SPI protocol

If you want to learn the embedded system you need to learn these things and undoubtedly this will learn you coding also.

Controller We are using in the Embedded System

  • 8051 microcontroller 

8051 microcontroller is an 8-bit microcontroller and having four input-output port. but it does not have the ADC.

  • AVR

Avr is the 8-bit microcontroller and is a type of device manufactured by Atmel. there are a lot of chips in the Atmel like ATmega8, ATmega32, ATmega16, ATmega328p. these all are the widely used chips in AVR. AVR is good to learn the embedded system and embedded c. there are some avr tutorial if you want to learn

  • ARM

ARM is the powerful 32-bit microcontroller with low power consumption. and having the more execution speed than the 8 and 16 bits of the microcontroller. widely used in industry now a day. it consists of many specific features to implement products at the industry level. the ARM series of the microcontroller are cost sensitive and high-performance devices which can be used in the control systems, wireless networking and sensors and automotive body system, etc. learn ARM microcontroller from here are some tutorial to learn ARM.

  • STM

STM32 microcontrollers having a large number of parallel serial and communication peripherals.you can interface stm microcontroller with all kinds of electronic components including sensors, displays, cameras, motors, etc. All STM32 controller comes with internal flash memory and RAM

  • Arduino

Arduino is an open source development board with ATmega16 microcontroller. Arduino having some GPIO pins, analog pins, PWM pins, and Rx, Tx pin to communicate with the various type of sensor, modules, and electronic components. it is easy to use and simple you can learn Arduino from the given link. and there are a lot of projects on Arduino you can also see those.

we are starting the tutorial on different microcontroller so visit on the page according to your need and we are also giving the projects tutorial you should also see.

hope you will like this article.

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