Smart Irrigation System Final Year Projects

As we are entering the Era of Technology, everything going to be smarter day-by-day. So, when we see Our agriculture we need also something which can reduce our effort and work. In this Smart Irrigation System, we focused on individual things like water need in the soil, monitoring system and many other things. in this project, we will make a system which will detect the moisture level in the soil and according to the moisture level, the water pump will work. No doubt, it would be a good irrigation science project and will help us in agriculture definitely.

Smart Irrigation System Final Year Projects

In this smart irrigation system, we took a soil moisture sensor which can sense the Moisture in the soil. Soil moisture sensor gives some value to the microcontroller which we use in the system for instructions. Soil sensor can give both value analog as well as digital. so we recommend using the analog value. because on the analog value you can calibrate the moisture level with the output device. for example, a soil moisture sensor gives the value 0 to 1023. so you can calibrate the sensor as your soil condition.  but on the digital output of the sensor, you can not calibrate the sensor by the code according to the soil moisture. there is a potentiometer to calibrate the sensor. for more accuracy use analog sensor. Smart irrigation system is good for final year project.

After calibrating the sensor I found that the cut off value is 970. at this value, the moisture level is very low in the soil. it means, if the moisture sensor senses the value more than 970 then the water pump is on. and if the sensor senses the value less than 970 the water pump will stop. so, calibrate your sensor.

Sensor to be connected with the Arduino and Arduino connected to the relay module
soil sensor gives some value to the Arduino. Arduino will give some output according to the input from the sensor. for example, if the value is more than equal to the 970 then Arduino send a command to on the water pump. and if the input value from the sensor is less than equal to 969 then Arduino send a command to off the water pump. so, on this principle, smart irrigation system works. Now you can easily imagine the logic to implement this project.

there are lots of sensors. and we can use any sensor for different purposes. we have Bluetooth, accelerometer.which use to make Self-balancing robot which is also a good project. bluetooth sensor it has many electronics projects we have.

Components Required for Smart irrigation system:-

Circuit Diagram for Smart irrigation system:-
Circuit Diagram for Smart irrigation system
  • Connect Soil moisture sensor VCC to the Arduino Vcc.
  • Connect Soil moisture sensor GND to the Arduino GND.
  • Connect Soil moisture sensor Analog pin to the Arduino A0.
  • Connect relay module VCC to the Arduino VCC.
  • Connect relay module GND to the Arduino GND.
  • Connect Relay IN1 to the Arduino pin 8
  • Connect Water pump Positive wire direct Arduino VCC.
  • Connect negetive wire of water pump with the relay.
  • Connect Arduino GND with Realay as given in the circuit diagram
All connection clearly shown in the above circuit. do the connection carefully according to the circuit diagram.
C Code for Smart Irrigation System:-
int m=0;
void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
pinMode(A0, INPUT_PULLUP);
void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
int m= analogRead(A0);
if (m>=980)
  digitalWrite(8, LOW);
else if(m<=970)
  digitalWrite(8, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(8, HIGH);
Copy this code and paste it into the Arduino IDE upload this code into your Arduino Board. Do connection after uploading the code. if you want to learn how to upload program in Arduino 
Insert your soil moisture sensor into the soil. take a mug of water and dip water pump into it. connect a pipe to carry the water into the soil. 

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