Simple DC Motor Science Project for school students

Hello Everyone, Today we are going to make a very simple project for schools kids. this Simple DC Motor Science Project for school students is cost-effective even you can make this awesome science project by waste material so we can call it also waste material science projects and much more easier to make. you have to read carefully this article and you can easily make this best electronic projects of dc motors

Simple DC Motor Science Project for school students-Low Cost Project

In the above picture, you can see clearly in these projects you need less number of components. you can make this Dc motor science project with waste material. there are more school projects we have check wireless mobile phone charger also.

Working Principle of Simple DC Motor Science Project for school students
this project working on the Principle that when the current pass through the coil  magnetic dipole induced in it which attract or repel the dipole of the permanent magnet. due to these forces coil get to rotate . in a simple dc motor science project, the coil placed in the magnetic field it gets south and north pole in the coil that poles attract and repel the poles of permanent magnet due to this forces coil rotate in between the pins.

Component Needed in  Simple DC Motor Science Project for school
1. Permanent Magnet:- magnet you can arrange from the speakers also. these magnets can work also.
2. Safety Pins:- you can use two safety pins
3. copper wire coil:- copper wire wound over the botel cap and put out from the cap.
4. Battery:- battery should be used of 9v
6. wires for connection

Construction of dc motor science projects
places two safety pins at the cardboard or wooden piece as you can see in the picture. place a permanent magnet between these pins as we show in the above picture.put copper wire coil in the safety pins same as given in the picture. connect positive and negative terminal of the battery with both pins. and give them to the power supply.
you can also see the whole process in the youtube video.

Working of dc motor science projects
when we place permanent magnet between the safety pins north pole of the permanent magnet attract to south pole of the coil and north pole of the permanent magnet repel the north pole of the coil and vice versa for coil’s south pole. and it get rotate. this is very cose effective science project which can be made by only waste material only. you can make it anywhere. and any kid of 7-8th standard can also make it.

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