RFID Security electronic lock

today we need security at every where. our home is also need an authorization to enter. so, with this project we are going to make our home secure from the unauthorized persons. This is basically a card authorization method to detect the right person or not. RFID security electronic lock available in the market now. but we are making it more secure. it works on the Radio frequency identification recognization method which is very basic and useful nowadays. so let’s start the tutorial with components and ideas.

Component required to make RFID Security electronic lock

In Radio frequency identification there are two device one is rfid card and another is rfid tag and works on the mutual induction and transmit the data from tag to reader. when we took them close together the data from the tag transmit to the receiver so the the we can recognize the user at the rfid. As clarified over, the underlying thoughts for

RFID’s utilization were massive and various. As the decades went on, the innovation would be conveyed in a significant number of these regions, demonstrating itself to be an integral asset for light-weight distinguishing proof. One of these zones is building security, with numerous high rises giving the labels to occupants as a methods for entering the bolted structure. It was here that my advantage was started and that our structure will be worked around.

Component required to make RFID Security electronic lock

  • Arduino Uno
  • RFID RC522 module
  • Solenoid lock
  • LED
  • Resisitor
  • Relay
  • 12v battery

In case you’re new to Arduino, you will need to buy  the Arduino and Download IDE here. This will furnish you with a domain to compose and transfer code to the Arduino. I will furnish you with some code to get it off and running (code I am utilizing from another source), yet it’s anything but difficult to take it and extrapolate into a new area. What we will make today will look something like this.

circuit diagram for RFID Security electronic lock



code RFID Security electronic lock

#include “SPI.h”
#include “MFRC522.h”

#define SS_PIN 10
#define RST_PIN 9
#define SP_PIN 8

MFRC522 rfid(SS_PIN, RST_PIN);

MFRC522::MIFARE_Key key;

void setup() {

void loop() {
if (!rfid.PICC_IsNewCardPresent() || !rfid.PICC_ReadCardSerial())

MFRC522::PICC_Type piccType = rfid.PICC_GetType(rfid.uid.sak);

if (piccType != MFRC522::PICC_TYPE_MIFARE_MINI &&
piccType != MFRC522::PICC_TYPE_MIFARE_1K &&
piccType != MFRC522::PICC_TYPE_MIFARE_4K) {
Serial.println(F(“Your tag is not of type MIFARE Classic.”));

String strID = “”;
for (byte i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
strID +=
(rfid.uid.uidByte[i] < 0x10 ? “0” : “”) +
String(rfid.uid.uidByte[i], HEX) +
(i!=3 ? “:” : “”);

Serial.print(“Tap card key: “);


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  • November 25, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    This is going to be a security lock with great trust, I have to install one in my house.

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