IOT Project With NodeMcu control by mobile phone

We live in the Era. where all things are going to be smarter day by day. our IoT projects with Nodemcu will also help in to make your home smart with the internet of things. we control things over the internet from anywhere in this project via the smartphone. we can control thing on our mobile phone via Bluetooth also which is known as IOT over Bluetooth. You can see all the information about the Bluetooth IoT in the tutorial. so now you can control thing in your home via Bluetooth or wifi. you have both options. IoT with wifi is a better option because of the range. wifi has more range than Bluetooth. so we prefer wifi control IoT system. Nodemcu having wifi module inbuilt. and also a microcontroller so, we don’t need of any microcontroller.

Internet of things which is known as IoT in short form. Control electronic appliance over the internet is known as IoT. In this project, we used Nodemcu as wifi and microcontroller. nodemcu can do work both works.

in this IoT project with nodemcu we turn off the light and electronic appliance with the help of blynk app. so we need to install the blynk app in our mobile phone. and this app connects to our nodemcu via wifi. when you press the button in the blynk app the light connected to the node mcu will turn on. In this IOT Project With NodeMcu, all things will control by the mobile app. you can control the appliance from anywhere with the help of internet.

IOT Project With NodeMcu working explanation

Nodemcu connect to the server through the wifi. Nodemcu save the data on the server. and the data on this sever controlled by the app. as you noted in the have to connect the wifi to the nodemcu by mention the wifi and password into the nodemcu.



Components Required to make IOT Project With NodeMcu

  • Nodemcu

NodeMCU is an IoT platform with the open source property. it hasESP-12 hardware inbuilt in which is also known as ESP-12 module or wifi module.nodemcu is works on the ESP-12 wifi firmware.

  • Led

Light emitting diode and the short name is LED. which is made of a semiconductor. when an electric current pass through the led it to start to glow. in semiconductors the there is four valence electron in the outer most orbit so to break the bond it needs some energy which causes the movement to electron from the valence band to conduction band. and then the electron emits from the conduction band it radiates some energy into the of are one more led projects with Arduino click here to see.

  • Jumper wire

jumper wire is only for the connection of the electronic components

How to configure Blynk app for IOT with Nodemcu

You have to download an app name Blynk. first, you have to login in the app then. you can make a button , switch and any other thing from the app. and can send any data from the app to the nodemcu. when app sends any data through the app it access by the nodemcu and starts to work on the data.


Download blink app from the app store or ios store in your mobile device

blynk app

Step 2:- click on the app and open it. click on the + sign at the upper most part of app. then it show something like this

how to add button in b;lynk app

Step 3:- after add the button click on the button to edit the properties

blynk button

Step 4:- click on the Pin and select the pin of nodemcu which you want to use

Step 5:- click on the setting icon from the upper site as given in the screenshot

Step 6:- Click on the Email all and send token to the your email

configure you code with wifi, password and Token number as given in the picture

how to change wifi and token in blynk code

IOT Project With NodeMcu Circuit Diagram:-

iot project with node mcu circuit diagram

Do connection according to the circuit diagram.

  • Download board esp8266 from the board manager in the Arduino
  • add blynk library in the library manager in Arduino.


Code for IOT Project With NodeMcu


define BLYNK_PRINT Serial



// You should get Auth Token in the Blynk App.
// Go to the Project Settings (nut icon).
char auth[] = “YourAuthToken”;

// Your WiFi credentials.
// Set password to “” for open networks.
char ssid[] = “YourNetworkName”;
char pass[] = “YourPassword”;

void setup()
// Debug console

Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass);

void loop()

Upload the code into the Nodemcu Board by the Arduino IDE App.





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