How to make Music Reactive LED Light

In this article, we look back into the electronics part. music reactive led light is a very attractive project for students. when we look at the led reacts on the beat it looks very attractive.  Now, you are thinking about the project how tough will it. It is easy and we will describe how to make music reactive led light. we have more electronics projects without microcontroller like a wireless mobile charger. that was also a good project you can find this into the science projects for school. we use only some electronics component we don’t need any embedded components in this project.




working of music reactive led light:- when we put a mic near to the sound and it catches some beats or sound. it reacts on these beats due to the MOSFET. mosfet works on the resistance of the mic. the resistance in the circuit controlled by the mic input. the resistance in the circuit varying in the circuit according to the beat. it is due to the IRF840 MOSFET.

To learn the concepts of the transistor, diode, resistor, capacitor you have to make some basic projects like dc motor by copper wire, wireless charger and others. basic knowledge is must before start the embedded and electronics. how the transistor works and what’s its merits and demerits. where can we use this component? in this music reactive led light project you will learn about the MOSFET, transistor and it’s working.

So let’s start to make Music reactive led light. first, we need some component like a resistor, mosfet, Led strips and mic.

Components Required to make Music Reactive LED Light

irf840 mosfet

This metal oxide field effect semiconductor has N- Channel Enhancement Mode. Silicon gate power field effect transistor. which is known as IRF840 MOSFET. It works in Breakdown avalanche mode


  • MIC

mic for music reactive led

Mic gives output to the circuit in the form of resistance. which varies from 0 to maximum value. when it gives the maximum value of resistance. the current in the circuit blocks.  so the led will glow at the highest resistance value because of MOSFET working. so the current in the circuit for led will vary according to the Resistance in the MIC.



led strips for music

We are using 12v led strips. which is connected to the circuit as given in the circuit. 



It opposes the flow of current in the circuit. and in this circuit, it gives value to the MOSFET. and take care of the maximum amount of current flow in the MOSFET gate.

Music Reactive LED Light Circuit Diagram  

music reactive led light circuit diagram

AS you can see in the circuit diagram. MOSFET connected to the LED and Mic. 

We are attaching a video clip of full tutorial watch it for full tutorial soldering, circuit and all. 


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