How to make AVR Development Board for atmega16

How to make AVR Development Board for atmega16

 Get rid from the market development board. Make your own Avr development board for Atmega16. As we know about the AVR controller when we go toward the embedded system one name comes in our mind every time “AVR”. And we always used to buy board from the market. but, this time we are going to make our own board with some simple steps and some components. AVR is widely used microcontroller in the market now-a-day. so, if you wanna learn embedded you can start from the AVR. You can learn many things from the AVR board. Like

  • Led interfacing.
  • LCD interfacing.
  • Switch interfacing.
  • UART protocol applications.
  • SPI protocol applications.
  • I2C protocol applications.
  • GPIO pins.
  • PWM generation.
  • LED patterns.
  • IOT using GSM.
  • GPS interfacing.


And many other things you can learn from the AVR board. It also help to learn the embedded c. so , it is a very good start for embedded system. embedded system is a need of electronics. because we are entering into the era where everything is suppose to be smart and automated. so, it is possible with the help of processors, microcontrollers and different types of sensors. eaqch sensors need to connect to a microprocessor or microcontroller. you you should have enough knowledge on the microcontroller and embedded system. if you are a beginner and you want to learn the embedded system. them you are at the right place. choose AVR board to learn embedded systems. and you should know how to make avr atmega16 board and how to use them and everything about the AVR boards.


ATmega16 is a 8 bit RISC based microcontroller. there are so many registors inside the microcontroller. with these reigstors we use different functions of the ATmega16 or any other AVR Board. For example if we want to use ADC function of the microcontroller. we have to enable the ADCSRA and many other resgistor to use the ADC function of the ATmega16 microcontroller.

In this tutorial we are going to make an AVR development board with ATmega16 micrcontroller. there are some steps which you have to follow. and you must know how to solder components. there are less components to solder but the soldering over on the zero pcb wihtout any wire is tough and complex so you need to take care during soldering. and make sure the soldering not short each other on the zero pcb.

So. first you need a Circuit diagram to understand the connections and components use in this tutorial of how to make avr board for atmega16 microntroller.

circuit diagram for avr development board atmega16

as you can see in the above circuit diagram we are going to use many almost every functions of the microcontroller. we have connected SPI bus means MOSI, MISO, SCK, RST with the seprate bug strips. and same for I2C and UART protocol. and we have also connected motors driver ic and relay and some LED with resistor for checking purpose. it is the complete testing board to learn the embedded system from the AVR microcontroller. so, before the start understand this circuit diagram first. if you want to learn arduino which is also a avr based development board visit arduino tutorial by click on it,

to make it perfectly and easily you can watch the video from the below youtube link:-

watch this video till the end to understand better.

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