GSM Based bike Security System With Arduino,Final Year Project for ECE

This is a good final Year projects for ECE students with lots of concepts. Interface Gsm sim900 with Arduino and Sensors. Gsm based projects are easy to make. you can make many projects with GSM module. such as  GSM Based Bike security system with Arduino and Auto Irrigation System.

GSM based Bike(vehicle) security system using Arduino work on the logic of sending information on your mobile phone when your bike under risk(theft). It checks the condition when they try to move your bike and if it is not you then it sends the call on your mobile phone.


In this project, there are two sensors one at the bike handle and another is at bike key lock. when you turn handle straight the logic 1 send to the microcontroller then it checks another sensor condition if you insert the key in the lock of bike another sensor give logic 1 and it satisfies the condition and does not give the instruction AT command GSM to call and if these both conditions do not satisfy GSM module SIM900 send information on  your phone. As a phone call. Very interesting project you can make it for your bike and also for your car. by this project, you can save your vehicle. We can call it also bike security system by GSM and Arduino. we have more best electronic projects for  Final year engineering projects for ece.

gsm based bike securoty system

Working Of GSM based bike security system

ON PIN 1 :- On pin 1 we connect an IR sensor put behind the handle where it changes it’s value when we turn to handle for example we placed the sensor at the behind of handle when the handle is straight sensor give HIGH value but when the handle is not straight it gives LOW value. so this IR sensor gives value HIGH or LOW. on this sensor logic we program Arduino for bike security system. and we have more projects like this vehicle security system check Bluetooth control home automation system also.


When Handle Is Straight Sensor gives HIGH or value 1 
When Handle is not straight Sensor gives LOW or value 0

ON PIN2 – on Pin 2 we connect positive wire of ignition key with and 3.3 voltage regulator. if the ignition key is on then it get HIGH at pin 2. If the ignition is off then it gets LOW at pin2. on these logics we will program. 

Component Required for GSM based bike security system:-

SIM900A Module
  • IR Sensor
IR Sensor module
  • 3.3v regulated supply
dc to dc converter

How to interface GSM Module SIM900A with Arduino:-

How to interface GSM SIM900A with Arduino
  • Connect Arduino Tx with GSM Rx Pin
  • Connect Arduino Rx pin with GSM Tx pin
  • Connect Vcc and Ground with GSM Module
Note:- GSM Module required more power so it can’t work with the Laptop Or Pc by USB ASP cable. you need to give 9-12v , 1A power supply to it.
How to do connections in the Bike security system project:-
  • Connect Pin 1 to the IR sensor which placed under the handle.
  • Connect pin 2 with 3.3V regulated supply from the ignition wire.
Note:- Give power to the System from bike battery. so the GND will be the same for 3.3 regulators and ignition wire also.
C Code for GSM Based Bike Security System With Arduino/Arduino code for GSM Based Bike Security System With Arduino
Void Setup()
int m= digitalRead(2);
int n= digitalRead(3);
if (m==HIGH && n==LOW )
//replace x with your mobile number
Serial.println(“unauthorised activity detect”);
//ascii code for z
 copy this code into your Arduino IDE software and upload in Arduino. then make all the connections. good luck you can check final year Bluetooth control projects and also home automation final year projects.

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